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         St Pat’s Class of 1971 Fellowship Group



The Purpose of the Fellowship Group is described in statements A thru D below.


Purpose Statements A & B will be the primary focus, especially during the first 12 – 18 months of operation.


A. Maintain connections/continue connecting with classmates


B. Distribute information about the passing of fellow classmates; offer condolences to the families of the deceased; and, be a potential source of support for classmates in need (e.g. mass cards for the sick)


C. Organize and/or Sponsor periodic virtual and in-person social get togethers for classmates. Consider in-person get togethers in cities and states other than Chicago and Illinois


D. Generate interest in participating in annual St Pats reunions with a particular focus on our 55th and 60th

             Fellowship News


                                                                    Fellowship Donation to St. Patrick's


The fellowship sent $ 2000.00 and American Family Insurance added additional $3000.00 (Thanks to Charlie's relentless efforts).

The school received a total of $5000.00 from the fellowship to be used for three scholarships for $1500 per student max established by the school.


Additionally, $500 was spent on a computer tablet.


We believe the annual tuition is around $15,000 so our donation provided a 10% donation towards 3 student’s enrollment costs.



                                                Fellowship Honorary Members & Sponsor's




It gives me great pleasure to announce our recent new Sponsors of StPat’s Class of’71 Fellowship.

                                 Bob McGrath and Kevin O'Hagan!

            Sad news: Shortly after Bob joined the fellowship he passed away.  Editor note, Bob held a special place in the editor's heart.  Very sad news.


Charlie Fiduccia 

             Fellowship Events


                SOCIAL EVENTS

 I have great news and ask everyone to “save the following dates!”


Let's Play Ball⚾


On June 12th, our Fellowship will host our First Annual Family Baseball Outing to see the Schaumburg Boomers💥🍻This will be a family event, so bring your significant other, children, grandchildren, and friends. The first pitch will be thrown at 6:30 PM. Parking is free and close to the stadium. $30 will get you box seats, first & second rows behind the home team, Boomers at the first base side. You will receive $20 in vouchers to be used for food and sports paraphernalia.


There will be seven inflatables down the left field line for children to time and play before and during the game. Children will be allowed to run the bases after the game. Please call ASAP to reserve your tickets.


I've saved the best news for last! On Wednesday, August 14th, we will host our Third Annual Sportsmen Outing @ my summer home in sunny Elkhorn, WI.

Don't miss this event of Golf, tennis, pickleball, and beanbag contest 🏆 

There will be prizes for high/low golfers and winners in the beanbag contest!


I, along with the cooking committee headed by Chief Aldo & John Vitto will prepare both lunch and dinner as we will be grilling up a storm.🌽


After lunch, we will go boating, swimming, tubing, & waterskiing🚤🛶 


We will end with a campfire where we can talk about “the good old days” as we enjoy a cigar or maybe sip my homemade limoncello as we fade away in the sunset!🍸🚬


Please, please let me know ASAP so I can adequately plan.

The cost for nine holes of golf is approximately $25, which includes a cart. I will advise for the cost per person for food/beverages; etc.


You never know, we may have a surprise guest!!!


Have a blessed Easter and again, welcome to our new members Bob McGrath and Keven O’Hagan!👏



Charlie Fiduccia 

847 769 4547

Fellowship Sponsors

John G. Baunach                         

Thomas A. Bellino                       

Thomas J. Calhoun                      

Lawrence J. Casey                       

Mark DeStafano

Gary S. Didier                              

Joseph S. Drozd                          

Thomas J. Fahey                         

Charles P. Fiduccia                      

John A. Forte                               

Anthony G. Giovannetti              

Robert J. Gagne                          

Basil B. Holoyda                          

Joseph T. Keenan                        

Allie Klein                                     

Gary L. Knops                              

Paul E. Krantz                               

Alan M. Krukowski                       

Rick J. Lattanzio                           

Donald A. Lindholm                                                         

Sam Marsillo                                

Al Martinez

Frank Mattucci                            

Bob McGrath

Jerome P. Moylan                       

Walter M. Narajowski                 

Leonard Nuzzo                                         

Kevin O'Hagan                             

Coach Larry Scannell            

Peter M. Schmit                          

Daniel L. Sleezer                         

Nick A. Sorrentino                      

John P. Vitto                                

Glenn R. Wurster                         

Aldo Zaccardelli                          

Kenneth H. Zygmunt                  

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